Komodo, Indonesia

The Komodo islands have always been a dream to visit for me, but for various reasons, such as work obligations and other kinds of disturbances, I have never been able to go. However, this year an opportunity opened up to take some time of in late September, and finally I got there. The pictures below are from a nine day trip on the MV Ambai, excellently arranged by The Underwater Tribe with their Luca Vaime as a great trip leader with a keen eye for where to put people in the water safely despite full moon currents. Komodo is a fantastic spot on Earth, with not only truly exceptional diving, but also volcanoes, harsh landscapes, incredible sunsets, and, iconic as iconic can be, the Komodo dragons. Thanks to Luca for excellent dive planning, the guides of Ambai for the guiding and my wife Pernilla for close buddying during the dives.


Red Sea

Maldives 2014

Pictures from my 2014 course on reef ecology in the Maldives with the Siren Fleet. The atolls were Ari, Malé, and Rashdoo.


Manatees, Key deer, Everglades birds and reptiles as well as a few other pictures from Florida. The pictures of the manatees were taken under a license from the US National Fish and Wildlife Services, Crystal river. All rules for photography of manatees were adhered to.

Nusa Penida, Indonesia, 2013


Sipadan and Mabul

Red sea