Lembeh 2017

The following pictures are from Lembeh strait in North Sulawesi. Lembeh strait, the haven of weird and even weirder creatures, is my absolute favorite critter dive destination, and I hope to get back there very soon again.

Palau 2017

Here are some pictures from a great visit to Palau with Palau Siren. Great place to dive, great staff, and absolutely great fellow divers.

Lembeh strait 2015

Two weeks diving with NAD in the Lembeh strait will give so many options of seeing cool critters. These are some of them. Big thanks to the NAD people for making my stays there so good and productive!

Malapascua 2015

The below pictures are from 6 days of diving around Malapascua. Upwelling and crowds of divers made thresher photography difficult at best, but there certainly are quite some macro opportunities around the island. Thanks to Cling Kleng, which really did his best to put us in the right spot at the right time.

Moalboal 2015

These pictures are from five days stay at Moalboal,  Cebu, on a trip arranged by Dykresespecialisten, Sweden. We stayed at the Quo Vadis dive resort and were very well taken care of by Pernilla Sjöö and her staff. A place to return to! The hard corals around the area were very healthy, which was a slight surprise. Moalboal often is just mentioned in connection with Pescador island and the school of sardines, but even if those are very nice, there are several great dive sites around.

Komodo, Indonesia

The Komodo islands have always been a dream to visit for me, but for various reasons, such as work obligations and other kinds of disturbances, I have never been able to go. However, this year an opportunity opened up to take some time of in late September, and finally I got there. The pictures below are from a nine day trip on the MV Ambai, excellently arranged by The Underwater Tribe with their Luca Vaime as a great trip leader with a keen eye for where to put people in the water safely despite full moon currents. Komodo is a fantastic spot on Earth, with not only truly exceptional diving, but also volcanoes, harsh landscapes, incredible sunsets, and, iconic as iconic can be, the Komodo dragons. Thanks to Luca for excellent dive planning, the guides of Ambai for the guiding and my wife Pernilla for close buddying during the dives.

South Africa 2014. Hluhluwe-Imfolozi, Boulder beach, St. Lucia and Stellenbosch

Red Sea

Maldives 2014

Pictures from my 2014 course on reef ecology in the Maldives with the Siren Fleet. The atolls were Ari, Malé, and Rashdoo.

Spring adders; not the friendliest of snakes!

A year after I wrote the last post on adders, I was out looking at their overwinter spot again. Contrary to the case in the US, the winter here has been very mild, with many adders surviving the winter.

Viper (Vipera berus)

The males are now out, waiting for the females to emerge, in hope of mating opportunities. The males are pretty agitated and probably all fueled up to take on other males in the fight for mates, so they are quite interesting to approach.

Viper (Vipera berus)

Even if the temperatures are barely above freezing, the few sun rays that get through heat the males enough for them to do quite a display if one comes to close. Hissing, “cobraing” up and even attempting to strike is the main greeting one gets.

Viper (Vipera berus)

Maybe the females will show up soon, and hopefully they will be a bit more friendly! At least, they can not be more annoyed than the males. Then again, in a few weeks they will all have spread into the surrounding forests and will be very hard to find. So, I guess, rather an angry, hissing, unfriendly male than no adders at all!

Viper (Vipera berus)