This website is the showcase for my nature based pictures as well as my articles and comments on different aspects of ecology.

Bumphead parrotfish
(Bumphead parrotfish)

I focus on  the weird, colourful, venomous, evolutionary, marine, rainforest, coral reef, muck and tropical aspects on the world we inhabit together with a vast number of amazing species doing a lot of interesting things. Some pictures will be more travel oriented, mainly from trips to Asia and Africa, and a select few will be from my home areas cold parts of the planet.


Obviously, being a photographer and an ecologist, comments and questions on pictures and articles are most welcome. And if you like this site, please let someone else know.

(Swallowtail larva, Sweden)

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Male Wagler´s pit viper, Borneo
(Male Wagler´s pit viper, Borneo).

If not explicitly stated, all pictures are of free living animals or plants.

South atoll, Maldives