(Grey leaf monkey checking out the pictures I took on its mates.)
(Grey leaf monkey checking out the pictures I took on its mates.)

Bent Christensen, according to himself, lives far too close to the Polar circle and deeply dislikes the cold and darkness which equals winter in that part of the world. Therefore, much of his daily work is focused on tropical ecology. He teaches biology on multiple levels, from primary school to master level university courses. Each year he also gives a number of public seminars on ecological subjects.

He works as an expert for a Swedish national TV channel, answering questions from the public about animals and ecology, with a heavy focus on the weird, venomous, rare and special creatures that just happen to be especially common in the tropics.

Furthermore he is involved in a couple of book projects and tropical research projects. Bent also leads several coral reef dive trips every year and runs work shops on underwater photography on a regular basis.

Thus a good part of his year is spent travelling to warmer places, primarily in Asia, teaching, giving workshops or finding and documenting examples of interesting biological interactions or cool species to use in teaching, talks, workshops and book projects. This site showcases many of those pictures, as well as some from Scandinavian summers.


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